Whole School CPD

We passionately believe in the power of PE, sport and physical activity to improve lives. 

This page supplements the information in our Service Brochure for Whole Staff CPD and PE Specialist Support services.

Whole staff CPD:

This is a bespoke session tailored to the needs of your staff. It could concentrate on a particular activity area such as games or OAA, or it could be something more pedagogy specific such as effective differentiation in a PE lesson. 
Maybe this list will help you to identify staff need: Games, dance, gymnastics, OAA, athletics, Use of apparatus, inclusion, differentiation, active learning in maths or english, warm up games, transitions between different activities, building appropriate stretch and challenge, development of a specific skill.

PE Specialist support:

This service can be used to support the subject leader, looking at the strategic development of the school PESSPA offer through things such as carrying out an audit of current provision, implementing an action plan, support with Sport Premium reporting, website compliance. Or it can be used to support any member of staff across the school to develop their knowledge and understanding of PESSPA delivery through activities such as collaborative planning, assessment, differentiation or more bespoke areas of pedagogical development of class teachers for example. It could also be used for CPD delivery, to whole staff or smaller groups of staff.