Make the most of your school site for physical activity and learning with our new
Explore Programme!

Explore is our NEW digital platform that allows you to easily create fun QR code activity trails to use around your school.

Get moving, get collaborating, get learning!

Explore is an innovative and exciting new way to infuse activity into your curriculum.

How can our activity trails help your pupils?

An active curriculum is great for enhancing pupil learning and it helps them to achieve their potential:

  • It develops creative thinking skills – trails can incorporate problem solving games or activities to help children learn to think outside the box and develop their creative and reasoning skills.
  • It’s student-led – as well as developing communication skills, our trails help children to develop tools to learn how to work things out for themselves.
  • It gets oxygen flowing – which helps children to focus and can help to regulate behaviour.
  • It’s inclusive – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners all benefit from activity-based learning
  • It’s fun! Children will be interacting and developing skills without feeling like they’re learning

How it works:

  • Schools are provided with 20 QR code signs, numbered 1-20
  • Schools place these across the school site (or in specific outside areas)
  • Trails are available on our platform for a teacher to start a lesson in seconds!
  • Schools are able to provide content for their own trails to be added
  • Once a teacher presses a button to start a lesson, children enter the system by simply scanning the QR code generated

Multiple classes can start a different trail at the same time!

All children scan the same signs but the content that appears on their devices is different for example, Y1 can be doing a “Phonics Trail’ while Y6 are doing “SATS revision”

All trails on the platform are available for all schools. You will be part of the Explore schools community and can share your own challenges and trails. You can also share your ideas for new trails to support specific areas of the curriculum.

  • Children are moving as they are learning! Children move between QR codes to access the next question or activity
  • Scores are awarded for each QR code scanned and each question answered correctly
  • A leaderboard is created between groups in school
  • Trails are available and can also be created to impact other areas of PESSPA e.g. “Active Challenges”

If you would like to find out more about Explore, please complete this form and a member of the Explore team will get in touch.