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Team Up Kids is an early intervention for children which gives them the tools for life long wellbeing. The programme blends the positive powers of physical activity and mental wellbeing techniques to support children to be ready to learn and succeed in life.

Children learn through the ‘Brainy Bunch’, a family of brain parts and brain chemicals, which help us to understand our brain and how it is linked to our body and emotions. Children learn how to work with their brain chemicals and use tools to maintain good wellbeing.


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"The children are beginning to focus more on the positive in their daily lives."
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"Children were more enthusiastic and keener to be active as they understand it as a tool to support their mental health."
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"It has enabled the children to have a greater understanding of their brains and how they can support their own well-being."
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"The children are more confident when talking about their feelings-recognising how they feel and why."

Team Up offers 3 programmes which can be delivered to each class in a variety of ways:

3 x Afternoon Sessions

Two lessons delivered each afternoon.

2 x Morning Sessions

Three lessons delivered each morning.

1 Day

Five lessons to upper KS2 in one day and support provided for the 6th lesson to be delivered by the teacher on a different day. This would include a 1-2-1 discussion, lesson plan and virtual resources.

Buy multiple blocks to cover multiple classes. Multiple blocks can be scheduled together to allow other delivery timings.

Each Team Up Kids Programme includes:

6 x 1 hour lessons

CPD for class teacher (team teach and virtual CPD)

Resource Pack (lesson plans and worksheets)

NB delivery models available depend on the location of your school.


Each Team Up programme comes with its own pack of resources.

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