Smile Days

We passionately believe in the power of PE, sport and physical activity to improve lives. 

Providing a varied PE curriculum and giving your pupils the chance to try out different sports and activities can be a challenge due to time and resources.

Our SMILE Days are a great way to broaden children’s experiences of different sports and activities.

One of our expert coaches will spend a day at your school providing exciting taster sessions in your chosen activity.

As well as your pupils enjoying the chance to try a new activity or challenge, you will get ideas on how to extend the activity beyond the session – making it a focus for the half-term, encouraging pupils to take part in the activity during playtimes or sharing details of local clubs that pupils could join.

Super Smile Day Activities


An afternoon of guaranteed fun, colour and smiles for all! Children and staff (optional but highly encouraged!) take turns to run, walk, jog, skip or pirouette around a marked route and are covered in colour at the powder paint stations around the track. A great, positive, shared experience of movement for all!


Do your pupils feel the power of the Gladiator? Do they have the will and the skill? Do they have the speed, the strength, the heart to be a winner? Find out with our new Gladiators experience inspired by the new Gladiators series! 2 x upper key stage 2 classes will be immersed in a Gladiators experience for the day. They will take on some Gladiator challenges and explore their Gladiator strengths!

TIER 1 - Smile Day Activities


How good is your reaction time? Experience a number of challenges which test and develop your memory, reaction time and strategy. Our coaches will deliver a range of exciting activities and games using the lights to test your speed.


The day is designed to deliver high quality taster sessions introducing the children to the innovative EXPLORE programme. Classes will take part in QR code trails that are spread across your available outside area. Trails can be selected and differentiated per age group so all children have a great experience. The sessions will take place outdoors and will use either the schools electronic devices and wifi or Go Well can provide devices and mobile wifi. A great way to introduce your school to Explore!


Our coaches will bring the headphones, the music and the games! Listen carefully to the words of the songs in order to know what to do next. A series of games and physical activities to engage children, develop their listening skills whilst having a lot of fun along the way.

TIER 2 - Smile Day Activities


Our coaches will deliver a series of sessions, introducing children to a new and exciting activity. Pickleball is a fun, social and friendly activity! The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn; it mixes tennis, badminton, and table tennis on a smaller court with a net, paddles, and a plastic ball.


Turn your school into Hogwarts for the day! Children will be sorted (by the sorting hat of course!) into teams and take part in a range of Quidditch activities and games. Who will catch the golden snitch?


These days bring a new and fun experience to taking part in physical activity. Darken your hall and we will light up equipment, areas and targets with our UV lights!

TIER 3 - Smile Day Activities


Move with Max is an exciting SMILE Day, targeted at EYFS, that will take you on a journey through either the enchanting depths of the ocean with our ‘Under the Sea’ theme, or on an adventure with ‘Jack and the Incredibly Meanstalk’. Immerse your children in these captivating tales as they engage in a variety of Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) based activities. This SMILE day promises to blend storytelling and physical development in a fun and challenging way. Get ready for a day filled with laughter, movement, and imaginative play!


Schools can choose from Boccia, New Age Kurling, Goal ball or Sitting Volleyball. Go well staff member can either deliver taster sessions in one or in a mix of these activity areas, upskilling staff throughout the day. The day allows children to experience a different sport and develop an understanding of inclusion in sport and how games can be adapted for all.


This is a day based on children using their imagination in order to create their own dragon ball style game. Dragonball is an invasion game which has very few rules; working together children design their own! Based on a story where a little boy is bullied and his only happiness is dragon ball, children will get to create their own rules and develop various skills in order to score points. It is a game requiring co-operation and teamwork.
Go Well


A day of Fit for Life delivery which can be structured to fit the needs of the school, for example taster workouts (for a school who has never done FFL, or a school very new to it), a launch day for the programme (for schools buying a FFL licence for the first time), an intra school competition or a number of technique master classes (for schools familiar with FFL and who use it regularly).


A day exploring frisbee skills. Children will be put their throwing skills to the test in a number of different challenges. Aiming for targets, knocking down equipment and scoring points is all part of the fun. Time permitting, the session ends with an exciting game of ultimate frisbee. If the session is an hour long, it is possible to split the class in half and have a skills session and an ultimate frisbee game rotation allowing children to experience both. This is ideally an outdoors day, in a large area.


Delivered by our partner Kidzrfit, this is a full day of taster sessions using weighted hula hoops. Tracey will teach your children the basics of hula hooping and introduce them to some tricks and challenges to provide a fun and varied experience. Staff are upskilled throughout the day to ensure sustainability. They will gain lots of ideas including how to embed hula hooping as a regular playground activity.


Go Well staff member will, in collaboration with school, design and run an intra school competition day, engaging the whole school in competition. This will be delivered alongside class teachers allowing them to be able to replicate the structure of this in years to come. All the plans and resources will be left with staff. Children will participate in several invasion games or athletic activities to gain points for their team or house if school has a house points system.


Take your children on an adventure, where they have to work as a team to build a hospital, rescue casualties using stretchers, capture diamond smugglers by using camouflage and breaking cover and if that wasn’t enough, light fires and cook for the rescued people. Chris overlays life skills, fitness and geography into an action packed day.


Test your skills at cracking the code through completion of a number of movement challenges and cryptic clues to escape! Staff will require access to space for set up and time inbetween Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 sessions to rearrange equipment.


Delivered by our partner Skipping Schools, this is a full day of taster sessions, introducing children to basic skipping skills and tricks. They will experience a number of challenges both individually and in pairs or groups. This has always been a popular day and is an easy way of encouraging skipping as a regular active break activity.

If you would like to find out more about our SMILE days, please complete this form and a member of the team will be in touch.