Team Up Kids

Support your children with their mental health and wellbeing with our Team Up Kids Short Course

The Short Course includes:

  • Informative videos to learn about the brain via the Brainy Bunch characters

  • Tasks to complete 

  • Tools to support wellness

Once you have completed the course we would love your feedback via our survey.

This Short Course provides videos and handouts for parents or school staff to take advantage of elements of the Team Up Kids programme to support the mental health and wellbeing of their children.

How to use the resources:

  • Start by reading the Adults Guide in the resources section opposite
  • Watch the lesson video at start of each week (below)
  • Complete the tasks throughout the week using the downloads provided in resources (if you do not have printer, don’t worry, use blank paper to complete tasks)

Please note:  this resource was created in lockdown 1 and features our previous brand ‘Sedgefield SSP’.  The content is still highly relevant and impactful so we are making it available again.  Everything that you need that is referred to in the videos is on this page!  If you have any questions please email

Video Lessons

About Team Up Kids in School

Team Up Kids is brought to you by Go Well and Hannah Bell from Hannah Bell Clarity. This innovative programme aims to blend the positive powers of physical activity and mental well-being techniques to improve the lives of all involved! 

The programme is delivered in schools.  Watch this video for further information.

About the Brainy Bunch

The Brainy Bunch are a quirky, fun, family of characters developed by Hannah Bell Clarity as a teaching aid to help children understand what is going on inside their brains.  Each unique character represents one of the brain chemicals or one of the parts of the brain.

The Brainy Bunch are a key feature of the Team Up Kids programme in schools and is also now available to all homes via the Brainy Bunch book!  You can find out more about the Brainy Bunch book and purchase it here.


Week 1

Week 1 Activities

369.25 KB 292 Downloads

Week 1 Journal

563.21 KB 43 Downloads

Week 2

Week 2 Activities

368.77 KB 39 Downloads

Week 3

Week 3 Activities

369.91 KB 26 Downloads

Week 3 - Crest

1.19 MB 24 Downloads

Week 4

Week 4 Activities

373.40 KB 20 Downloads

Week 4 - Colouring Serotonin

898.31 KB 28 Downloads

Week 4 - Colouring Oxytocin

1.23 MB 29 Downloads