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Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Are you looking for something quick, free and easy to do in your school for National Fitness Day? Our Fit for Life Bingo Board can be completed easily by children in your class or by children across the whole school.

Let's spread the joy of fitness!

What's included:

Bingo Board

Supporting Video Resources


What you need to do:

We will send you:

  • Login details for the FFL site
  • A copy of the Bingo Board
  • A copy of the Rate of Perceived Exertion Chart (needed for one of the activities)
  • A certificate you can give out when the bingo board is complete
  • Further information and reminders as we approach National Fitness Day


Before the day:

  • Have a look around the 21 day free trial to familiarise yourself with it ready for National Fitness Day.  Check the videos play on your system in school, if not you may need to whitelist the site and/or Vimeo.

  • Send the details to other school staff to encourage them to complete it with their class – why not get the whole school to do it?

  • Decide if you want children to complete their own Bingo Board or if you want to complete one as a class.  Print the number of Bingo Boards you need.

  • Download and print a copy of the Rate of Perceived Exertion Chart or have one to show on your whiteboard.

  • Perhaps plan when you might do certain challenges in the school day e.g. The workout.


On the day:

  • Use the videos in the 21 day free trial section to support children to complete the tasks.

  • Praise effort and good quality movement (that is the Fit for Life way!).

  • Give out certificates when the challenge has been completed!

  • Have lots of fun together taking part in fitness activities!


After the day:

  • Make good use of your 21 day free trial and continue your fitness journey!