Engage your least active pupils in an exciting new project!

The Go Well Heart Project engages a group of pupils on an active research mission!

Children receive a bag of equipment and a top secret mission booklet to test out and rate a range of different activities. They are then empowered to create their own activities, some of which are professionally designed and published in the second booklet. The programme lasts 12 weeks and is designed to take place at home, although there are great ways that schools can enhance engagement with activities and support in school.

A back pack of equipment for each child (that they keep)

Mission is completed at home (can be light touch for school staff) Options to extend at school (after school club, playground section)

How it works:

Results from our evaluation survey…

Enjoyed taking part
0 %
Moved more throughout the 12 weeks
0 %
Enjoyed making own activities
0 %

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£59.50 plus VAT per child, 30 minimum order per school

Can be funded by the PE and Sport Premium