Go Far in a Jar


Go Far In A Jar - Coloured labels

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Welcome to the ‘Go Well’ Spring Term project – Go Far in a Jar.

This will help you reach the recommendation of 60 minutes daily whether you are currently learning at home or at school. You will also be able to take part in a wellness activity to help support your mental health too.

Please follow these instructions to help you – have fun!

You will need:
  1. 3 empty jam jars or similar containers eg: paper cups, clean empty Pringle tubes, cardboard boxes – having a container with a lid would be great
  2. The ‘Go Well’ resources – jar labels, physical activities sheets and wellness activities sheets
What to do:
  1. Look at the sheet ‘Jar Labels’. Decide whether you want to cut out and use the coloured version, cut out and colour the plain version, or use these as a guide and create your own version of the Go Well logo!
  2. Once you have three labels ready, attach one to each of your three jars/containers. Can you decorate the rest of your jar? Draw your own pictures to cut out and add, google and print some images – be creative, remembering these three themes for your jars – one will be for physical activities, one will be for wellness activities and one will be to collect your responses and any results
  3. Print out the physical activities sheet and the wellness activities sheet
  4. Cut up the activities into separate strips, following the lines carefully, then fold each one in half
  5. If you don’t have a printer, you can write the numbers of each activity on separate pieces of paper and check against the list every day as you pull out a number from your jar – easy!
  6. Place the physical activities in jar one ‘Go Well’, the wellness activities in jar two ‘Go Wellness’ and leave jar three ‘Go Well done’ empty for now
  8. Each day – without looking – choose an activity from each jar. The physical activity you choose should take you about 10 minutes to complete, keep practising to improve. Repeating it three times during the day will give you 30 minutes of activity – achieving this at home will help you reach the Government recommendations of 60 minutes per day for children! Your wellness activity can take place at a time to suit you – when could that be? As a brain break during your school work? At lunchtime? When you have finished all your school tasks? Before you go to bed? This will be different every day depending on what you pick
  9. Once you have completed your activities, place both pieces of paper in the third ‘Go Well done’ jar – remember to colour in on the smiley scale how much you enjoyed it. There is also a place to record a score or a time if your activity needs you to
  10. There are some blank slips on each page – can you think of some of your own activities and add those to the jars too?
  11. When all the activities have been used up, open your ‘Go Well done’ jar, order the activities you enjoyed the most using the smiley scale and maybe you could repeat some of your favourites!
  12. If you want to share what you have been doing each day, send a video or a photograph to your teacher to share in school perhaps, or ask someone at home if you can share what you have been doing with them. Could you share with our Team at Go-Well..if your parents use social media, we would would love them to send us pictures or comments about what you have done using our ‘Go -Well’ Facebook page and #gofarinajar