Introducing Captain Taskivator! He is here to help keep children/young people entertained throughout Lockdown 3! Captain Taskivator will release a challenge on Monday morning for children/young people to complete and submit their best attempt by 5pm Friday. The task will include activity and creativity!


This week's challenge is "Best Sporting Moment"

Send us a short video of your best sporting moment – any sporting highlight – recent or from back in the day!

Please be as creative as possible and send your photos or a short video clip (NO more than 20 seconds please) to:
Certificates will be sent out, points will be awarded in the School League Table and the best entries will be included in the Captain’s weekly montage!

The deadline for entries is 5pm on Friday 26th March – your time starts …NOW!

Oh and did we mention adults can join in too!  Teacher and parent entries welcome – you know you want to!

 Please share any posts on social media with us at #captaintaskivator @gowellwithus