Terms and Conditions

We passionately believe in the power of PE, sport and physical activity to improve lives. 

Booking and Cancellation Process and Terms and Conditions

1. Schools complete the SLA forms in Summer Term which include services requested and

timeslots preferable for coaching blocks. Notes can be added for any specific requests

for service timings in the year.

2. Schools receive plans in the summer term and are requested to book dates into the

school diary. Go Well can take requests at this point to move blocks/services that

cannot be accommodated. Requests will be negotiated with the provider and a new

delivery plan created.

3. Once the academic year has begun, if a session is cancelled by a school we may not be

able to rearrange this session. These guidelines will be followed by ourselves and our


a. If the cancellation is given with more than 48 hours notice then we will do

everything we can to negotiate an alternative date to complete the block.

However, please note this may not always be possible, due to staff availability

and the length of half terms.

b. If the cancellation is within 48 hours of the session the session will be cancelled

and not rearranged.

c. Depending on the level of SLA a school may request a number of rearrangements

for individual services** across an academic year which we will endeavour to

accommodate inline with point a. and b. Any further requests unfortunately will

not be able to be accommodated.

i. Enhanced SLA – 3

ii. Standard SLA – 2

iii. Intro SLA – 1

4. If Go Well or a subcontractor cancel the delivery of a service this will be rearranged or an alternative negotiated.


*If a subcontractor is not able to follow our policy you will be made aware prior to the delivery taking place.

** An individual service relates to one session of delivery e.g. One session of a coaching block, a coaching day, a Specialist PE Teacher session.

You can download a copy of the terms and conditions here:  Go Well SLA Booking and Cancellation Process and T+Cs.